We are your premier incorporated digital brokerage offering a seamless fusion of B2B, B2C, and affiliate solutions.

We specialize in delivering top-tier digital brokerage services on a global scale, empowering businesses and individuals alike to reach their personal and professional aspirations.

Digital markets are increasingly part of everyday life, and many companies are still trying to break into the market, while others are struggling to grow their customer base and maintain market share. At the same time, service seekers are not well guided in channeling their searches and choices to reach the services and products they desire.

The power of Digital Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways that many companies have used over the last decade to maximize their online presence and generate significant revenue. These companies use digital channels such as Google searches, social networks, e-mails and websites to connect with their customers or prospects.


Creation date : February 25th, 2023

Type of Filing: Corporation

Corporation number : 1580516-3

Activity (NAICS Code):
419 – Business-to-business electronic markets, and agents and brokers


We have therefore chosen to act as an intermediary between these two agents (Business and Business or Business and individual consumers), in order to bring them together and connect their efforts so that each achieves its satisfaction business objectives.

When we work with partner, we don’t just help them realize their goals—we help them realize themselves. We’re not interested in churning out another “me too” product or service; instead, we want to find new ways of doing things that will make people feel empowered and inspired by their own potential.


Agencies : We create digital agencies to act as intermediaries between business-to-business or business-to-consumer, helping them get what they need. Digital agencies are created around the best niches in digital commerce: travel, digital marketing, real estate, finance, freight, marketplace, technology and the arts. All the agencies created are divisions of the Kimuntu Power.

Models : Business 2 Business (B2B), Business 2 Customer (2C), E-commerce, Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

Strategies : Digital Marketing

Product and Service : Digitization

Place : Online Market

Promotion : Website Marketing, SEO, Socio Media Marketing, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Video Marketing

Audiences : Business or Individual Consumer


Mission : Connecting people or companies to achieved their personal and business goals

Vision : Having sustainable business solutions for a bright future for everyone

Values :

  • Audacity : the tendency to dare, to get out of your comfort zone to perform difficult actions or actions that you have never done;
  • Respect : respect the other staff members but also each of the customers;
  • Sharing : sharing successes and failures, cooperating;


  • Blue : symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, or wisdom. It can be a calming color, and symbolize reliability.
  • Green : balance, nature, ecology, spring and rebirth. It is the symbol of prosperity, freshness and progress.

The meaning of Kimuntu Power is ” What Man Does Is Powerful “

Discover the world of Digital Brokerage with a local touch. Our business combines a global network with a deep understanding of local markets. Whether you’re searching for a solutions in any aspect of life, we have the resources to give you a better solutions.

Yannick Nkayilu Salomon

Owner – CEO