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What We Do?

  • Affiliate with Digital Business Partners
  • Connecting digital businesses or individuals to travel, digital marketing, finance and real estate, freight and technology
  • Refer to the services and products of our digital enterprise partners
  • Resell digital services and products from our Business Partners (e-commerce)

Why Choose Us?

Innovative Business Ideas
and Brainstorming

Brokerage Business Model is a type of business model where a company or individual acts as an intermediary or broker between buyers and sellers of goods, services, or assets. Brokers facilitate transactions and earn a fee, commission, or spread for their services.

Our agencies

All Digital agencies are our business divisions

Explore a world of opportunities with our extensive range of digital agencies. We put you in touch with a diverse portfolio of Business to meet your unique needs.

Digital Travel Broker Agency

Flight Booking │Hotels Booking│Cruise │ Travel Insurance │ Car Rental │ Immigration

Digital Finance Agency

Personal Finance │ Finance Education │ Life-Car and Home Insurance │ Personal-Business Tax │ Credit Recover │ Cryptocurrency │ Trading

Digital Real Estate Agency

Relevant │Intuitive and clear │ Optimized for SEO │ Lead acquisition │contact management.

Digital Marketing Agency

Lead Generation │ Web Developement │SEO │ Socio Media Marketing │Digital courses │Domaine Broker │Affiliate Marketing

Digital Market Agency

Online shopping│e-commerce│Dropshipping │Affiliate Marketing

Digital Freight Agency

Transportation analysis │ inventory management │ supply chain optimization, and more │Online shipment tracking tool

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Register A Small Business In Canada

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Sole Proprietorship

$ 49


  • Includes all government fees
  • Unlimited business name searches
  • Business registration number
  • Business registration documents


$ 499


  • Unlimited business name searches
  • Name search report (NUANS report)
  • Incorporation documents
  • Digital minute book
  • Secure storage and access to business documents


Clients Testimonials

Kimuntu Power Inc. has revolutionized the way we conduct digital marketing campaigns. Their innovative approach and cutting-edge technology have significantly boosted our ROI. Working with them has been a game-changer for our business.

Emily Rodriguez

Marketing Strategist

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Kimuntu Power Inc. for my clients’ investment needs. Their expertise in digital brokerage is unparalleled. Their transparent communication and tailored solutions have helped my clients achieve their financial goals efficiently and effectively.

Micheal Thompson

Financial Consultant

Running a successful online store requires a reliable digital brokerage partner, and Kimuntu Power Inc. has exceeded our expectations. Their user-friendly platform, prompt customer support, and competitive fees make them our top choice. We trust them with our transactions, and they have never disappointed.

Sarah Johnson

E-commerce Entrepreneur

As a real estate agent, I deal with significant transactions daily. Kimuntu Power Inc. has simplified the process for me and my clients. Their platform is intuitive, secure, and offers a wide range of financial instruments. Their team’s professionalism and attention to detail have made every deal smooth and hassle-free.

Jhon Martinez

Real Estate Agent Thompson